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9 December 2009 - for an update on the status of the company please refer to the "News" tab located on the left hand side of your screen

The sale of shares in Abulon Holdings have been suspended till further notice.


Details of our upcoming Special General Meeting to be held on the 26th of May 2009 can be downloaded by following the links below.

Besonderhede van die opkomende Spesiale Algemene Vergadering wat gehou sal word op 26 Mei 09 kan afgelaai word deur die volgende skakels te volg.








After our meeting with M&CM in early December and as of the first week of March 2009, we have completed the de-stocking of all our harvestable animals which have been canned and are awaiting to be sold into the overseas market. We still have 95,000 smaller animals (spats) which we are in the process of selling to an interested party for the local market.

Our staff is busy dismantling the tanks, piping, systems & fittings to prepare them for cleaning and disinfecting. Once all aspects of the farm have been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected we will close the farm for a period of six weeks in which we will lay the farm fallow as directed by Marine & Coastal Management.

A decision will be made shortly regarding the way forward, with more communication with shareholders to follow.

Minutes AGM 02 Dec 2008

Notice: Friday 05 December 2008

A meeting was held with Marine and Coastal Management (M&CM) on the morning of Thursday the 4th of December, the opinion of M&CM has not changed and as per their previous instruction we will have to continue to destock the farm, disinfect and lie fallow for six weeks. Only then may we begin to restock and continue farming abalone on our present site.

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