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Abulon Holdings Ltd is a wholly owned South African company that was formed in 1997 and started trading in March 2000. Its aim was to utilize the management expertise and technology advancements in South Africa and to capitalize on the world shortfall of certain fish species. It started with a focus on abalone mariculture and produced its first exports in April 2004.

Abalone Mariculture

Mariculture can be defined as that part of aquaculture that deals with marine species. According to Merril Lynch in SA Fishing Industry of February 1998, mariculture accounts for up to 15% of the global seafood consumption and is expected to increase to over 25% by the year 2010. In South Africa, the Department of Sea Fisheries believes that the best potential for the production of mariculture vests in abalone, oysters and mussels.


Abulon's Farm

Abulon owns the abalone (perlemoen) grow-out farm situated in Paternoster on South Africa’s West Coast. Here small abalone or spat are introduced into a technologically advanced recirculation and through-flow system. These animals are then fed mainly seaweed (also known as kelp) until they are big enough for the market. Our abalone is then processed in either cans or dried pieces before being exported. Abalone shells are another by product.

Abulon’s farming system concentrates on the delivery of quality water to the animals within a carefully controlled and monitored, land based tank-farming system. The system works on a combined flow-through and re-circulation two-tank cluster method. The water used is circulated through the system therefore requiring only a 10% input of fresh seawater. The seawater is replaced every 6 hours.

This combined system allows for lower water intake, better control of water temperatures and lower labour costs, which reduces stress in the animals. Farming in an enclosed environment allows for the creation of optimum growing conditions due to better water temperature and lighting.

Latest News

  • Registration with CIPRO & Appointment of the liquidator in process
  • Shareholders unanimously vote to voluntarily liquidate the company